This Guy

Whaaaaaaaaat’s happenin’?

Me. Scared.

Me. Scared.

Welcome everyone to a new edition of this fabulous blog. As a Contiki Tour Manager you’ll have special insights into my travels, experiences, and hopefully entertaining stories. While leading large groups of 18-35 year olds around the country you never know what could happen and I couldn’t ask for any more than that in a job.

A bit about me:

I was born in Surrey, England but quickly moved to the Boston, MA area a few months later because of misguided parental fear that I might acquire a funny accent. I say misguided because although, yes, I understand British accents are funny, they’re much more appealing than Boston accents. Luckily I was spared the misfortune of developing a Boston accent because, well, actually I’m not sure why… But anyway, I don’t have one. However, if you ask nicely I may be able to drop a few ah’s foh yah. After finishing [insert private preppy all guys New England high school name here] I needed a bit of a change of scenery and enrolled at THE University of Colorado at Boulder. At CU I played club baseball and lots of intramural sports, drove the Zamboni, went skiing, hiking, walking, and even did a bit of socializing too. Oh, right, and after putting about two years of thought into it, ended up majoring in Journalism.

Upon graduation I immediately gained a job with an NBC affiliate in North Dakota, moved from there to a bigger Tampa market, then….. wait. Sorry. Other than the graduating part, none of that happened. In reality, I started working at the fantastic Freddie’s Hot Dog Stand and the Crocs store (yes, those rubber shoes) in Boulder. After saving up a bit of money and still looking to put off any sort of “real world” vocation I decided, with some assurances from my parents that they wouldn’t disown me, to go on a bit of a travel adventure. Naturally there were a few quid pro quo’s. For example, I will be using my learned journalistic skills to document the trip, which is what this blog has previously covered.

After returning from Europe I managed to get some real world jobs including working on National Geographic and Discovery Channel shows and editing video for a video education company. As you may realize, I now have a slightly different job, that of a Contiki Holidays Tour Manager. What a tour manager does is a lot of different things really and I hope to share that and many of the stories that may come up on the road. So happy reading and remember #noregrets #ilovemyjob



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