There are a lot of pictures here. Unfortunately they aren’t very organized in the slideshow. That would take FOREVER. To try and help discern which cities are which, here are a few pointers: if you see lots of people, a big city or a church it’s probably Zurich. If you see wooden bridges, a lion carved in stone, huge mountains behind a lake and just all around mountain beauty, it’s probably Luzern. If it looks like you are in a remote area or sticking out of a train window you are probably in a remote area on a train or actually sticking out a train window… If you see gargantuan mountains or hotels it’s probably Interlaken. Bern’s pictures have a river, huge church, and because it was getting late in the day, the lighting is more varied and some pictures are darker. Oh, and if you see a picture with a huge waterfall or rainbow, it’s the Rhinefall. Hope this helps, enjoy!

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