Warm Up For European Train Travel

Well I’m finally restarting this blog… again. I’ve had some post ideas I’ve wanted to get out but hadn’t quite got to it recently. But wait no more. Unintelligible, disorganized, gobbledygook, resembling something akin to chicken scratch (can someone tell me if that font exists?) has been assembled and is currently on the editor in chief’s (my) carving table.

That's just the front side of all the trains I took...

The generalĀ gist of the aforementioned “writing” is all about train travel in Europe. There are tips on how to do it, safety maneuvers, pricing, and numerous other juicy tidbits, including behind the scenes stories of the Walkabout previously untold that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Let’s leave it at, if you want to learn what the word “pissa” means in Swedish in regards to my train travel, you’ll most definitely want to stay tuned.



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