Weathering the Weather

Snow in Sweden

When you experience four seasons in four months, you’re bound to have bad weather. During my walkabout, I had winter in Scandinavia, spring in Southern Europe, fall in Sydney, and summer in Los Angeles.

There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the weather. Complaining about it, worrying about it, and being victimized by it will do no good. The path to good weather is all about outlook.

Thanks for the great weather Oslo

In almost all situations the weather could always be worse. For example, throughout my trip, whenever I thought it was cold outside I just remembered a few months back when I went skiing in Winter Park, CO and looked at the car thermometer reading -27 degrees. That was before we took the chairlift above tree line with a sharp wind whipping across our bodies.

There were times on the chairlift when it was so cold, the only exposed part of my body, my nose, started stinging so sharply that I thought Old Man winter had cut it off.

Sun in Sydney

Knowing that my upcoming travels would take me to some harsh climates, I took a moment to remember that sense of extreme cold. Therefore, every time from there on out I thought it was cold, all I had to do was think back to that abrasive chairlift ride and remember, “Oh yeah, this 10 degree weather is really not bad at all”.

Most importantly, do yourself a favor and plan ahead and be prepared for any weather change. If it could get cold, carry extra layers. If it might rain, bring a raincoat. If you’re in the Sahara, some water, a hat, sunglasses, and some sunscreen might help… and maybe a ticket out of there too. If you don’t know what the weather is going to be like, either look it up or prepare for the worst.

When you are traveling, hiking, or just plain living, there aren’t many things that will get your mood down faster than being excessively hungry, thirsty, tired, cold, or hot. Those last two are where your weather smarts come in.

Rain in Prague couldn't stop my tour

Whether it’s snow in Sweden, cold in Copenhagen, wind in Venice, rain in Rome, heat in Cyprus, or just sunny in Sydney, it could always be worse. Take advantage of every travel moment you have because they are the best of times and there’s never a good reason to let a rainy day keep you down.



One thought on “Weathering the Weather

  1. Excellent advice, Phil… especially given that we have just come off of a six-day power outage due to a freak pre-Halloween snow storm here in Connecticut. Downed tree limbs are all over the place and residents are howling at the state’s monoply utility company — but we survived! Hope your mom and dad didn’t have any problems with it!

    Marcie LaBelle

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