Photo Finish

I need help. But not that kind. Thanks though. I need your eyes and minds help. Please leave a COMMENT as to which of the following photographs strike your fancy the kindest. If you rank your top three favorites I’ll like you even more… The winner will likely make it’s way onto canvas. Hoorah! (click on them to make them bigger)


5 thoughts on “Photo Finish

  1. Love the photos Phil! Makes me want to go back to Europe and Australia.

    1. water falls where?
    2. Copenhagen in late winter
    3. Interlaken and the man in the mountain

    Some day I am going to have to hear about your adventures.

    -Arne B

  2. These are all beautiful, Phil — and I like different ones for different reasons. The most appealing to me are: #1Interlakens version of fairy tale; #2 a hard shower; #3 Where’s Russell Crowe

  3. Phil,

    The image “Sydney_413” really made me pause and study what it was about. So, I’d say that this one stood out for me.

    Jim B. — A softball buddy of your dad’s, who has enjoyed reading your blog this summer,

  4. Hi Philip,
    I rated them all but these are my top 4: water falls where; a hard shower; Sydney skyline and fountain; it’s not all ice in Iceland. I hope this helps.

    Arlette D.

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