The Resurrection and Sydney

First, a 10 part resurrection recipe, because, you know, it’s totally necessary.

Blog Resurrection Recipe:

Serving size: Probably only friends, relatives and bad internet searchers…


3 parts time

2 parts dedication

1.5 parts inspiration

1.5 parts shameless promotion

.5 part memory

.5 part eye of toad

.25 part unicorn horn

.25 part rocky mountain oyster

.5 part wit

1 part attention to detail

-Use .5 part time to mix 1.5 parts shameless promotion, 1 part dedication and .5 part inspiration. Let sit.

-Take another .75 part time to roll .5 part memory into 1 part dedication and stick .25 part unicorn horn atop. Knead until soft.

-Use .5 part more time to shred 1 part inspiration, .5 part eye of toad and .25 part rocky mountain oyster into a non-stick pewter cauldron filled with two month rested .5 part of wit.

-Take last 1.25 parts time to pour first concoction into third concoction and then stretch second concoction over top of the non-stick pewter cauldron. Place cauldron on fire started by dragon breathe, then attempt to add in 1 part attention to detail before realizing this last part would, of course, be one part too many. Bring to boil and serve piping hot off the fire. Salt to taste.

Those lights aren't always there

Well, that’s it; the simple recipe for resurrecting a blog. I hope it works because I’m bringing back the blog and there’s nothing nobody can do about it. Especially because I don’t even know nobody… (Yea, I’m in one of those moods. Didn’t I tell you this blog resurrection was going to be great!)

But I digress. My tale of, well, me (aka walkaboutphil [p.s. I refuse to refer to myself in the third person until I’m a multi-millionaire, hence me not just simply saying “We left the tale of walkaboutphil etc.” and instead giving you this math formula of a parenthetical sentence]) came to an abrupt and unfortunate halt with me about to depart on a 17 hour Cyprus to Abu Dhabi to Sydney flying journey. That journey could be a whole post in and of itself but in the interest of sufficiently catching up with real time so I can then delight you with silly current day topics, we will skip right to my two weeks in the country down undah.

Not all bands are wet.

Allow me to start (but in all reality you have no choice) by saying I wanted to go back to Australia as soon as I left. It was fantastic. The “wow” factor of taking the ferry into Sydney on a brilliant blue day is hard to top. In fact, I’d venture to say no other city had a higher “wow” quotient than Sydney. I think the ferry in really put it over the top. Something about the modern skyline surrounded by water with the iconic Harbor Bridge and Opera House stapled together really brings the city to life.

However, Sydney, like any city, has its downfalls. I’d say it was up there with Paris as one of the most expensive cities I visited and although I didn’t drive many places while on my trip before Sydney I did notice a pretty strong presence of LA-esk traffic (more on that in the LA post…) around the city.

Luckily I had the great privilege to be staying with Lina, an Aussie friend of mine (big thanks to the Asquini’s for hosting me) whose house was within walking distance of a ferry stop. My good friend Jeff who had been staying with Lina (they were going out at the time… they’re now engaged! Hooray!) in Sydney for the previous year freed up his last two weeks in Aussie land and we did everything we could think of. We toured the city, had good nights out, visited with friends, went to the races, took in an Aussie rules game, toured some more, watched Bruins playoff games at 10am in an empty sports bar, ended nights at the casino, and overall just had a really good time. We made a couple side trips, one to Melbourne (that’s the next post…) and one brief but interesting trip north for a night (also the next post).

No thousand year old churches here!

There were a lot of different experiences to love about Australia. The coastline of Australia is absolutely gorgeous and whether in Manly or down the coast a bit near Wollongong, there are large waves and craggy cliffs all around. The accents, of course, are a real treat. There’s just something about it that puts a smile on my face. After all, the whole walkabout idea did come from Crocodile Dundee. I can’t possibly go this whole blog without thanking the Aussies for him (and maybe a bit of Hollywood too). Overall, I just came away thinking I had a really great time. It might have had something to do with finally being in an English speaking country for the first time in a few months but honestly, I have to say, I have so many fantastic friends I’ve met from the area that it would have been nearly impossible for Australia to have been a bust.

It's a seriously sweet bridge

I feel like ending this post now is doing a total disservice to my days in Sydney because I’ve barely skimmed the surface of my activities, but this post is already too long so I think I have to cut it off. Hopefully I’ll add some more tantalizing tidbits before this blog leaves the land of Kangaroos: dead or alive. Oh, that reminds me, I had a kangaroo steak and it was delicious. Although, I didn’t get to pet a koala so I’ll have to go back for that…


(Sydney pictures are up by the way. You know where to find them. I hope…)


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