It’s Been a While: Cyprus and Sydney

I know, I know, it’s been a whole NINE days since my last post. My apologies. As for excuses, well how about this: [top picture]

That's untouched Cyprus blue

and this: [bottom picture]

Sydney. You've seen these before?

But anyway, I’m in Sydney right now staying with some friends and it’s been an absolute blast. I’ve already made a quick trip to Melbourne and now I’m getting ready for another exciting weekend in Sydney.

As for Cyprus, well that two-week stay requires a few posts. Lots of family and friends were visited and the amount of food I ate was a bit absurd. I went up to the mountains, the illegally occupied Turkish side, around the old part of Nicosia and embarrassingly enough, Ikea for lunch. The weather in Cyprus was, as usual, wonderful minus a few five minute rainstorms. I’ll share some more stories from the stay soon.

For now, I’m surely going to enjoy the rest of my stay here in Sydney and hopefully provide a couple Cyprus posts soon.


(P.S. I’ve never had so many days where I have woken up before 7 with such ease. Not one alarm set. It’s been six straight mornings now. Apparently there are some perks to jetlag…)


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