The Perfect Present

The Perfect Present

I realized I haven’t really mentioned what I am currently doing recently. Well, here it is:

I’ve been in Cyprus since the 29th after a five day hiking trip in northern Greece with my aunt. During my stay in Cyprus I’ve managed to visit some relatives, eat incredibly well, go to a beachfront restaurant/club/bar grand opening, shake the President of Cyprus’ hand and of course enjoy the wonderful sunshine. On Friday the 13th (duh, duh, daaah) I fly to Sydney. Hooooray for going down undah! I’ll try and get the northern Greece hiking trip post up A.S.A.P (this particular A.S.A.P is on Cyprus time, so who knows when) then maybe some pictures from Cyprus… The trip is definitely slowing down a bit, but it’s still tons of fun. I’ve been trying to watch the Bruins, Celtics and Red sox games (in that order) but the timing sucks with 7pm EST games starting at 2am here. However, this current Bruins run has me very excited, with the Celtics worrying me a bit, and the Red Sox being the ever present “I don’t get it” question in my head…




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