Adventures Abound

Hello everyone!
Sorry I’ve been out of touch for a bit. I believe I’m currently missing a Hamburg, Paris, Barcelona, and Switzerland post. Unfortunately, my time and Internet options have been waning recently. But not to worry, I’ll have them up as soon as possible. Although, I must admit, that may not be until this weekend because I have a 30 hour ferry ride to Greece tomorrow from Venice and then I don’t know where I’ll be staying in my arrival town of Patras. After that I’m staying in Athens with a family friend for Easter and then heading up to northern Greece for a five day hiking extravaganza with my aunt.
Just in case you’re doubting my blogging devotion, allow me to share with you the fact that I’m sketchily standing against a hotel wall in Milan where I found an unsecured wireless network that I could get on with my phone at 11 at night. Apparently the one star hotel I’m staying in doesn’t have Internet and all the internet cafe’s around me decided to close early. So if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. (maybe actually putting real time aside to update you say? Well, yea, maybe…)
Also, check out the blog entry for today. I bet you’ll see a familiar name!
I better go, I think I’m about to be mugged or something…


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