Sights In Prague

Night view of the bridge and castle

Let’s start off Prague with a brief overview of my hostel. It was relatively large compared to the hostels I had been staying in and was almost brand new. It was called the Mosaic house (part of the St. Christopher’s chain of hostels around Europe) and was carbon neutral. It was very modern, clean and had a large American sports bar called Belushi’s on the ground floor. It was basically like a five-star hostel. Not bad at all…

Spires in the eve

But now, on to Prague itself. The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague has a very intimate and lively feel to it. It felt a bit like Budapest but not as expansive or spacious. I didn’t really know what the must sees in Prague were, but I quickly learned they included the castle, bridge, Old Town square, and the Jewish ghetto. They were all worth the time. The castle overlooking the city had a beautiful church, the bridge was a fascinating stroll, Old Town square really felt old and the Jewish Ghetto, one of the best preserved in Europe because Hitler wanted to let it stand as “a museum to a lost race”, was informative.

Pigeons in the sunset

I loved the feel of Prague. I took a “free” walking tour during my full day there and even though it was a tad wet, windy and cold, I still enjoyed it. I think any city that still feels charming in those conditions has something good going on.

Random coincidence, on I went on the walking tour with a couple friends I made at the hostel and during the tour I met two girls. Normally this wouldn’t be a blog-worthy occurrence, but let’s see if I can make it so. Both girls were currently enrolled at CU (as I recently was). That’s cool, right? But it get’s better. One of them was actually from the same part of the U.S. I was and went to a school incredibly similar to mine (Newton Country Day) and we had mutual friends. Crazy I know. But wait, there’s more. At CU, girl 2 has exactly the same major that I had while I was there. Ergo, we took the same classes and know many of the same people. As one of the other guys on the tour, Rudy from New Jersey said, we should probably go do a bit of gambling soon. Seriously, what are the odds?? Unfortunately, the young ladies studying abroad in Edinburgh left the tour a bit early to get to some sort of interview, and we didn’t get to swap info, but I have a feeling we may cross paths again, which, by the way, would be similar to me crossing paths with the Rudy and his friend studying at Yale who were on the tour, when I met them the next day on the train from Prague to Berlin. We got a compartment together and had a great time playing some crazy game with die, dominos and worms. It was actually way too enjoyable.

But yes, Prague was great. And if you ask me nicely sometime, I might even tell you a fun story from Prague that I’m too embarrassed to share here. Let’s just say it involves Hooters…



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