A Long Sentence

Well, it’s been a while my good friends. My apologies for the delay but I didn’t really have internet (or time) in Vienna. I’ll post my days in more detail and with pictures in the near future but for now allow me to summarize the last 4 or 5 days in, let’s say, a sentence? And GO:

In Budapest I did a a lot of walking and seeing including baths, monuments, museums, opera houses, palaces and castles, which, since you were wondering, are absolutely amazing and I think I would like to have one sometime in the future especially if it’s on a hill looking over a beautiful city like the monument hill I went to the top of at night in Budapest and probably shouldn’t have because during the whole trek up I thought I was going to be attacked by some crazy man looking for a dumb tourist who wanted to brave the dark wooded path just so he could get some cool night shots overlooking the spacious city of Budpest which is sort of like Vienna, which of course, was my next stop after Budapest because it just made sense and, plus, I had someone to stay with who was awesome enough to show me around and overfeed me by about, well, a lot, because after being maybe underfed for the last month or so being overfed is quite easy even when you are touring all over a cool city filled with high culture, cleanliness, gothic churches and Freud, like say Vienna, which, in case you were wondering (you were), is just a short train ride from the intimate central European city of Prague where I sit at the moment typing a never-ending sentence that really probably shouldn’t be only one sentence, but is because when I read Jack Kerouac this one time he used really long sentences that I thought were pretty cool but I guess that doesn’t mean I can do it too because I am not as naturally talented as he is, but I digress.



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