Perugia, Florence & the Todi Waterfalls

My next stop after Roma was Perugia. In all honesty I probably wouldn’t have gone to Perugia if I hadn’t had a friend from Colorado doing a semester away there. Perugia is a gorgeous quaint small hill town smack dab in the middle of Italy. Perugia was named “sexiest city” by someone a couple years ago, is home to the third ugliest church in Italy or Europe or something like that, and has some really good chocolates. I ended up staying about 6 days, which after looking back on how many days I’ve spent in other places on this trip, was quite some time. However, because it was in the middle of Italy it allowed for easy access to day trips.

The first of these trips was to Florence. I am a bit sad I didn’t stay longer in Florence because the full day I was there I really enjoyed. It helped that it was probably the best day weather wise I’ve had on the trip too. It was around 65 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I started the day by walking around a bit and finding the Duomo. I got a ticket to the top of the basilica and marveled at the view below. Florence is right on a river and surrounded by mountain/hills. It seemed like quintessential Italy to me. After the Duomo, I went over to the highly recommended Uffizi Museum and enjoyed walking through its halls of statues and exhibits of paintings and drawings. I didn’t think it was as impressive as it was made out to be, but there were definitely a few pieces I enjoyed. This sentiment probably had something to do with my lack of artistic knowledge. After the museum I walked across the river and to a large hill near the southeast part of the Florence. The view was fantastic and I even saw a wedding couple taking their wedding photos with a professional photographer. I’m pretty sure it was a destination wedding considering the couple looked very Asian and they had a translator with them so they could talk to the photographer (or he could talk to them…). I think I sat on the steps at the top of this hill for a few hours. It was just so nice outside and I loved looking over the sundrenched city.

Ahh, Florence

I thought of staying the night in Florence then heading back to Perugia sometime the next day but decided against it for fiscal reasons. After all, I have an excuse to go back now so I can see David…

My second day trip was with my gracious host and her “friend”. We headed to Todi to check out some waterfalls. I have to say they were well worth it. You’ll be able to tell from the pictures that these apparently man-made waterfalls were worth the six-euro admission fee. I don’t really know what to say about them other than take a look at the pictures. I kind of wish we had the opportunity to see them at night because they would have been lit up, but we pretty much watched the waterfalls for as long as we could and then headed back to Perugia. On Sunday I left Perugia bright and early and headed to what may be my last Italian city, Venice.

No, it wasn't originally B/W in the background

Thank you to my very kind and hospitable hosts in Perugia. I had a great time and was glad to have experienced a city I probably wouldn’t have experienced without your comfy couch!


One of the parts to the falls

(Travel Note: After Venice I have taken a train to Budapest. Soooo I’ll go back to Austria/Switzerland afterwards!)


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