Sorrento & Naples

I made it Sorrento and met up with my brother there. Sorrento is about an hours train ride along the coast south of Naples. It’s a beautiful but touristy town. I had to make up for my loss of a birthday dinner so I found what seemed like a promising restaurant on the docks for a fancy lunch. I asked the owner what he recommended and ended up with pasta with a local white fish. When I thought fish in pasta, I figured I’d be getting a fillet or pieces of fish.

Yummy local white fish

However, I got exactly what it said on the menu. A fish. As you can see from the picture, it’s a fish from head to fin (although I had already eaten much of the good part when this photo was taken…). It was delicious and a bit pricey but I think as a belated birthday meal, it went quite well. Plus the view was fantastic.

I walked around Sorrento by myself and with my brother. Both iterations of the walk had its moments and I enjoyed seeing orange and lemon trees everywhere. The weather wasn’t the best either, but altogether, I think Sorrento was pretty nice once you got off the beaten path. The staircases embedded into the cliffs were especially fun.

However, I cannot say the same for Naples. I din’t exactly stay for a long time, but my day trip to Naples was enough for me. I went to the Archeological Museum which was nice enough (and free on the 150 Anniversary for Italia) but the rest of the city I saw was a bit dirty and drab. I never really felt too safe and I don’t know exactly what it was, but Naples just didn’t feel right. I was probably in the wrong areas, so if I ever get back I’ll have to take a real tour or something.

Anyway, on Friday I took my brother’s high school trip’s bus from Naples to Rome and ended up checking into a hostel in Rome until Monday. Rome update to come soon!


(P.S. Thanks so much to Mr. Patterson, Mrs. Sweeney and Ms.Wolf for allowing me to tag along in Sorrento and to Roma. You were all wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed freeloading on your trip!)

Not a bad coastline


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