The Epic Backtrack

Well, my affinity towards not planning has finally caught up with me. As ou may or may not know I came down from Scandinavia stopping in Amsterdam then Brussels then headed to london for a few days. I am now trying to get to Rome for my birthday. Starting in London on Saturday I found out I couldn’t get a ticket to Paris until too late so I’d have to go to Brussels instead. Fine with me. Then I figured I could just go from Brussels to Paris then Milan then Rome. Unfortunately when I got to Brussels this afternoon all night trains from Paris to Milan/Bologna were booked. So instead I now have to take a train from here (Brussels) to Amsterdam (yes, again…) where I then take a night train from Amsterdam Central to Zurich. From Zurich on Tuesday morning (happy birthday me!) I take a train to Milan then from Milan to Rome finally arriving at my destination approximately (Quick math. Started in London at 11am to Brussels at 1:30, from Brussels to Amsterdam between 4:15-7:15, Amsterdam to Zurich from 8:30pm-8:30am, Zurich to Milan then Milan to Rome arriving at 4:45pm) 30hours total including stopovers and then I still have to make it to where my brother is staying in Sorrento. Well, here’s to train travel!!



One thought on “The Epic Backtrack

  1. Hi Phil,

    Ah the joys of travel! I miss it so much! Sorrento is one of my FAVORITE places in Italy. It’s absolutely beautiful and quaint.

    If you have a chance, make sure to check out Pompeii, but also the Herculano. This is a smaller town that was also destroyed by Vesuvius, but it was covered in mud rather than ashes, and is much better preserved.

    Happy early birthday!

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