2nd Day In Copenhagen

With the sun out in Copenhagen I headed back out into the city with a couple new friends I was living with, Wilson and Laura. We did a variety of different activities but I would say the most enjoyable was the Botanical Garden. Inside the greenhouse I was able to take lots of fun flower pictures and enjoy out of place hot humid climate. I can’t tell you if it was the biggest Botanical Garden or the best, but it was a nice change of pace from your normal museum.


After eating dinner at a local healthy fast food joint, we went back to the hostel to gather ourselves. I had to switch rooms for that night and when I went into my new six (instead of nine) person room to find seven people hanging out. The six girls and single guy were all visiting Copenhagen for a short vacation from their semester (or year) abroad in France from Notre Dame. They had all had a long night the night before and were still attempting to recover. I ended up going back out to play some more pool with the guys from the previous night and when it was decided we probably weren’t going to go out at all, I went back into my room and hung out with the Notre Dame group. We had a good night just playing ridiculous games (some making me feel like I was back in middle school) and chatting about what we were all doing.

It all made for a relatively quiet but enjoyable night. The next day I got up early checked out and headed to the train station to board for Amsterdam!





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