A Walk in Copenhagen

I checked into my lively “Sleep in Heaven” hostel a bit after 10pm and it seemed very nice. What wasn’t nice was trying to find it. Let’s just say I tried to pay for the bus in Norwegian coins, missed my stop and got some interesting looks from the bus driver. After figuring my stuff out, I did find the hostel in a bit of a graffiti infested area. But it was fine nonetheless.

This IS Europe

The next day, not really knowing what to do in Copenhagen, I just started walking. Eventually I ended up at an information office and found a map with a clear walking tour on it. I followed the tour for the most part and saw all the main attractions including the Little Mermaid statue and a nice free museum.

On the shore

I’d say I walked for basically six straight hours throughout the day and once back at the hostel was a bit tired.

Unfortunately it was closed for the winter

However, being that it was Friday night, I felt compelled to make some new friends. That was easy enough and soon we were at the pool table in the hostel playing pool and having a good time. The nationality breakdown was four Americans, three Austrians, an Australian and a Scotsman (no kilt).

The Little Mermaid

I managed to sneak into bed a bit early because I was feeling a bit woozy after the long day. Anyway, I had a night left to taste the local nightlife culture…



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