THE World Championships and Scream

Seen this before have you?

I arrived in Oslo pretty late in the day Wednesday after all the train travel and headed straight to the hostel where one of my roommates was a German guy visiting for The World Championships. Apparently, this sporting event was the same I saw on TV earlier in the day in Trondheim. It’s a VERY big deal. Norway being the alleged birthplace of Nordic Sport means having the bi-annual Championships in Oslo was a humongous event for a city which loves it’s Nordic sports. This explains why rooms were a bit hard to find…

Oslo coast on a cloudy day

Anyway, I went to bed deciding it’d be best to wake up a bit early and do some sightseeing around the city before catching a 1pm train. The sightseeing was fairly basic and the pictures (once up) will explain the scene fairly well. However, my one adventure was catching a tour in progress and following them into some museum I had no idea about. I don’t know if I snuck into the museum for free with the tour group or if the museum was actually free, but I do know I was pleasantly surprised by the famous contents of the museum. It had a couple of paintings I had definitely seen before, Scream and Madonna.


I have pictures of them here even though pictures were not allowed. I know. I’m a bad person. But the professional photographer following my adopted tour was taking pictures so I figured I’d join in the fun.

The Palace. I've seen better...

After the museum I wandered away from the tour, visited the main palace and the coastline. It wasn’t a beautiful day by any means and I eventually meandered my way back to the hostel then the train station to catch my train to Copenhagen.



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