A Few Days in Umea

Sunday was a recovery day. We slept in and watched a Swedish TV show then the movie Fargo with the neighbors since they’re the ones with the TV.

Monday was much of the same for me, but Olle had class so I met him on campus for lunch then walked around for a bit by myself downtown. I have a good many pictures from walking around town, including a snow sculpture competition they were having.

The beaver snow sculpture was my favorite

Tuesday’s adventure was trying to figure out a way to get a train ticket out of Umea. With slow Internet and no printer at Olle’s, my options were down to over the phone or in person. Because of recommendations from everyone around, I had decided my next stop would be Oslo. But instead of just going through Sweden to the southern Norwegian capital, I was told to go to northern Norway first, then take the train down from there with the hope of having much better scenery.

I figured out my ideal itinerary (Umea to Trodheim to Oslo) and headed to the new Umea Ostra (Umea North, I think) train station to see if there was a ticket booth. Nothing. Just a ticket console. Then, Olle said I should check the nearby bus station. There I was told they would soon be selling train tickets, but for now my best option was making the 15 min walk downtown to a travel agent. Fair enough. I went to the recommended place, booked my ticket for the train leaving at 00:28 that night and headed back to Olle’s.

The couple month old train station

This Tuesday was also special because it was Maja’s (Olle’s roommate) 20th birthday. In retrospect, I might have stayed one more night. After booking my ticket I learned Axel (Olle’s other roommate) played squash (which, if you didn’t already know, I play as well) and then after a delicious birthday dinner prepared by Axel and an aurora borealis sighting, we went down to the neighbors who were having a girls night dinner with their eight friends. We all were having a good time and I was disappointed I had to leave just as they were going to go out to celebrate Maja’s big day. So ended my fabulous time in Umea. You win some, you lose some, I guess. And thanks again to Olle, Axel and Maja for having me!!!


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