Techno House!

I can’t honestly say I know the difference between techno and techno house music, but I can say my good friend Olle does! On Saturday night Olle (pronounced Oo-lah) was helping to host a techno house club. Basically this means he and a couple buddies convinced the owner of the restaurant “Socialize” to clear out the tables and set up a big dance party. The cover to get in was about $14 and the restaurant would get 10% of the cover plus all bar profits.

Setting up

After getting to Umea at around 7am I got settled at Olle’s apartment, met his fabulous two roommates Axel and Maja, and then we headed into town with the other two club co-hosts to talk to the Socialize owners. They were incredibly friendly (and young for restaurant owners… probably in their late twenties), provided some coffee and Swedish desserts and talked over the plans for the night. We would set up as much as we could without making the place look like a club before business hours, then come back at around 9pm to set up the rest.

As it worked out we came back at 7:30 and had some dinner at Socialize first. I had a traditional northern Swedish dish, fisk (or something to that effect) because I was shown how to make it earlier that day. It’s boiled balls of flour and potato. Not too complicated, but very filling and heavy. Of the three balls served, I finished one and a half. Apparently this is about average for the dish.

The three dense balls of northern Sweden

After Dinner we finished putting up all the lights and the sound system. They’d rented all the a/v equipment and had even brought in a Swedish DJ they liked from Germany. I was appointed cameraman of the evening and although I stopped taking pictures about half way through, I think I still got a couple good ones of the crazy lazer and lights set up.

Having a good time in the foggy lights

The music was loud and the night long. I’d say about a hundred people showed up throughout the night. I got to meet lots of fun Swedes (and one drunk guy that insisted the U.S. system was “fucked up”) and a Bostonian studying in Umea. At 2am everybody flooded out and we stayed behind to take everything apart and clean up a bit.

Everyone was too pooped to even pose for a photo...

By all accounts the night was a success and luckily we had all of Sunday to recover from the 4:30am bedtime.



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