Blue Lagoon

Yesterday started and pretty much ended with the Blue Lagoon. I took a bus out to the famous lagoon at 10am and stayed until about 2pm. I think the pictures will basically sum it up. It was incredibly relaxing going from the steaming lagoon waters to the steam sauna, back to the lagoon, to the dry sauna, back into the lagoon for a few more walking laps, side trip to the massaging waterfall, back to the lagoon and then, naturally, a mud face mask for good measure. If this all sounds like hard work, well, then I envy you. At the same time, the Blue Lagoon effect does extinguish all previously existing motivation. The not-so-planned-out night that followed consisted of a walk along the shore at sunset and a stop at a hot dog stand before passing out early to get up at 3:30am the following morning.



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