EuroRail Pass

When I originally bought my flight to Stockholm with a two day stop in Iceland, I could have bought my EuroRail pass as well, but decided to wait a bit and make sure I actually knew what I was doing. Apparently I still don’t know what I’m doing. At first I was thinking I might just get it in Stockholm, but low and behold you CAN’T get them in Europe. Of course. Why should you be able to buy a EUROrail pass in EUROpe? Makes perfect sense.

Photograph by Morten Rakke (Not Me)

Anyway, since I didn’t realize this until about 3 days ago, I ended up having to pay an extra 29 euros to get it sent to Boston before I leave. Great start to a trip that’s supposed to be cheap. Nevertheless, I now have a EuroRail pass for two months, 22 countries and can go almost anywhere. This could be a good time…



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